ITP 011: Farnoosh Brock – Ditching a Successful Corporate Career for the Entrepreneurial Life

On this episode of Imagine the Possibilities Farnoosh Brock shares the story of her transition from a successful corporate job to full-time entrepreneur. She talks about some of her wins and losses along the way and the lessons she’s learned. She also shares some advice for people who are looking to make a similar career transition. [Read more…]

ITP 010: Amantha Tsaros – From Professional Illustrator to Abstract Painter

On today’s episode I interview abstract artist Amantha Tsaros. Amantha’s joy is contagious. She has a passion for creative expression that comes through in the interview. In this episode we discuss her decision to leave a successful career as an illustrator to become a painter and her journey from painting representational art to painting the abstract images she really had a passion for. At the end of the episode she shares an exercise that aspiring painters can use to tap into their creativity. [Read more…]

Enjoy the Journey


I’ve been practicing yoga for quite some time now, but only decided to take it a bit more seriously last year after discovering Ashtanga Yoga. Every morning when I wake up I do yoga from anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour depending on my schedule for the day. [Read more…]

ITP 009: Why do you do what you do? Understanding the 6 Human Needs

On this episode of Imagine the Possibilities I’ll explain the concept of the 6 human needs. The 6 human needs will give you insight that will help you understand the reason behind your actions and even the actions of others. It can help you more fully understand your bad and seemingly self-destructive behaviors so you can change them. [Read more…]