Get Up and Try


“Why don’t you ever do anything to market your novels?” he asked me.

I’d sat down across from him while he ate hoping we’d have a pleasant conversation. I didn’t expect this. [Read more…]

ITP 020: Making Your Ideal Life Vision with Ann Webb

On this episode of Imagine the Possibilities I talk with the founder and creator of the Ideal LifeVision System. She explains what Ideal LifeVision is and talks about how she has used the process to start a successful business, get in shape, and overcome severe shyness. [Read more…]

Stop Ignoring Your Problem


There is something wrong with my computer. It just cuts off with no warning. The truth is that I’ve known about this problem ever since the second month I had it, but I didn’t do anything about it. I tried to ignore the problem hoping that it would go away or work itself out. [Read more…]

ITP 019: Harness the Power of Body Language with Vanessa Van Edwards

Body language doesn’t just affect the way others see you; it also affects the way you feel about yourself. Find out about how you can use your body language to feel more confident and be more successful on this episode of Imagine the Possibilities. Vanessa Van Edwards from Science of People tells us about body language, the science of first impressions, and gives some great social tips for introverts on today’s show. [Read more…]