Choose Happiness Today


I remember being in a class when I was about 20 years old and the teacher saying something about choosing to be happy. “Happiness is a choice,” he said as if this was for certain. At the time I was struggling with depression. I was deeply sad and felt like I had no choices at all. I remember leaving that class, locking myself in a bathroom stall be away from my room mates, and crying. [Read more…]

ITP 002: 9 Tips to End Procrastination for Good

More people describe themselves as chronic procrastinators now than ever have before. In this show I talk about some of the science behind procrastination and give you some concrete steps you can take to end procrastination for good. [Read more…]

Overcome Negative Habits with Compassion Not Will Power


We do so much to protect our hearts. Sometimes the things we do end up hurting us more than protecting us though.

You’re short with a romantic partner because you’re afraid of being hurt. You botch a job interview because you think they won’t think you’re right for the job anyway. You are closed off from friends because you’re afraid of being rejected. [Read more…]

ITP 001: Welcome to The Imagine the Possibilities Podcast

Welcome to the Imagine the Possibilities Podcast. In this first episode I let you know a little about myself and what to expect from the podcast.

If you feel stuck in your life and are ready to make a change Imagine the Possibilities is for you. In future episodes you’ll hear from life coaches, personal development experts, and people who have made major changes in their lives.