ITP 026: Farewell

Welcome to episode 26 of Imagine the Possibilities. On this episode I talk a bit about my decision to end the show.

It’s been great, but I’m being pulled in another direction that is truer to who I am and what I ultimately want from life.

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Thanks so much for listening to the show:)

ITP 025: How to Manage Your Many Interests with Emilie Wapnick

On today’s show On today’s show multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick talks about how you can integrate your many interests into your life and career. You don’t have to pick just one thing. You can pursue many things and thrive.

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ITP 024: Making Art and Making Money with Ann Rea

On today’s episode of Imagine the Possibilities I talk with fine artist Ann Rea. Ann is on a mission to get rid of the idea of the starving artist in our society. She helps artists of all types learn how to market their work and turn their art into a business.

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ITP 023: From $300 Per Month to 7 Figures with Evan Carmichael

On this episode of Imagine the Possibilities I talk with entrepreneur and entrepreneur consultant Evan Carmichael. Evan has a fascinating story about how he went from struggling in his first business to finding success. This episode was also recorded on video. You can watch the video below.

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ITP Episode 22: How to Stop Criticizing Yourself Harshly

On today’s episode of Imagine the Possibilities I talk a bit about that harsh inner voice that plagues some of us. We tend to be our own harshest critics. I used to think that being critical of myself was the best way to motivate myself to do better in the future.  As it turns out, that’s all wrong. [Read more…]